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Nov 17, 2019

Well it’s Ps Phil’s 50th birthday. Ps Phil has been thinking about his life up until this point and shares 4 key elements to consider to keep strong and grow in our lives!  We hope this podcast will help you.

As Ps Phil mentioned : "Life is about so much, but one of the great lessons I’m learning is that the choices we make effect the life we live, not just today but well into our future & even eternity. I have a desire to grow in wisdom because wisdom is the key ingredient for me to make good choices, and that’s good for everyone not just me. Thank you to everyone for your kind & generous birthday wishes, they are greatly appreciated and I read all of them. So here’s some thoughts for my journey so far and some choices that I’ve made that have helped me along the journey so far...I hope you too will choose wisely and be greatly blessed on your life journey."