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Jul 14, 2024

Prayer might just be the most important thing about us. But what does it look like to have a life of prayer? And what if we don't see the effects of our prayer as soon as we hope? 

Jul 7, 2024

In the beginning, the world was deformed and in darkness... but God said, "Let there be light..." and there was light. God can do whatever He decides to do because He controls whatever He decides because He is the Creator. Your life is in His hands because He is in control and we can trust Him. 

Jun 23, 2024

Have you ever thought 'my life seems pointless' or 'what am I even doing?' Today's message might be exactly what you need to hear then. God has a plan for your life and you have a purpose. Madz Deyzel unpacks the gospel and shows you what God's plan was for you all along.

Jun 16, 2024

Our Father is not absent. He is always present and His presence is powerful. He's worked His way to us, and His Holy Spirt now empowers us to outwork the reality of His Kingdom here on Earth. He forms us into the image of Jesus, so we can't take credit for being a good or bad person but simply look to our Father who...